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Plasma Ion Processing System

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What is Plasma Ion Processing System?

Plasma (ion) processing is a surface modification technology using ions generated by plasma.
As application examples, it is used for nitride processing and shape improvement of metal working tools.

Plasma Ion Processing System

Plasma Ion Processing System

Plasma Nitriding

Principle of Plasma Nitriding

With taking in nitrogen gas inside of the chamber, nitrogen ions are created by generating glow discharge.
Generated nitrogen ions are accelerated and bombarding a nitriding target.
On the top surface of the nitriding object, nitride-based intermetallic compound is generated.

Characteristics of Plasma Nitriding

  • We use argon gas which has low environmental impact and nitrogen gas. It provides a better work environment. (Ammonia gas is not necessary.)
  • Temperature increases up to processing temperature only by plasma power. It is a simple structure.
  • Nitride processing can be done on stainless steel.


  • Increase hardness
  • Improve wear resistance
  • Improve corrosion resistance

Surface Hardness of Each Material

Before(HV) After(HV)
SKD11 697 1200
STAVAX 595 1200
SUS630 446 1550
SUS440C 653 1400
SUS304 213 1000
Surface hardness of each material

Application Examples

Application of high-speed tool steel

Shown on the left is the sectional view after nitriding process to a high-speed tool steel and hardness changes (right) from the surface.
Several points are measured using a Vickers hardness meter in the depth direction from the surface.
The top surface shows approximately twice the hardness of the substrate and hardness becomes low gradually along the depth direction.
The grade of surface hardness may vary according to target substrates or processing conditions.

high-speed tool steel

Plasma Treatment

Principle of Plasma Treatment

Introduce nitrogen gas into the vacuum chamber and create plus ions by generating arc discharge.
Generated plus ions are accelerated by bias and bombard a target. It is effective for burr removal and shape improvement.

Application Examples

Application of medical needle

Application of medical needle


Application of medical needle
  1. Left picture shows before treatment, minute burrs and micro scratches are observed on the surface.
  2. Right picture shows after treatment with our system, minute burrs on the surface are removed and the surface becomes smooth.
  3. The curve illustrated in red dashed lines is the edge shape created by nitriding.
    The edge is sharpened and medical liquid injection port becomes wider.
  4. Above effects greatly contributes to reduction of piercing resistance for a following application example.

Comparison test of needle insertion force on artificial skin (Movie)

[Playtime:36 seconds]

System Specifications

Size W 2,200mm
D 2,100mm
H 2,650mm
Weight Approx. 2,600kg
Gas Ar, N2
Temp. <500℃
Plasma source 1 unit

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