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What is Diamond Coating System?

Diamond is the most stiff material in existing materials, and it is a very excellent substance in mechanical, electrical, chemical and thermal conductivity. Diamond can be provided as a coating, it can be contributed in various fields, so research and development is proceeding.
As a method of synthesizing diamond, high pressure high temperature method(HPHT), hot filament CVD method, and microwave plasma CVD method, etc. are available, and from various excellent characteristics such as improvement of wear resistance of cutting tool and improvement of durability of electrolytic electrode application is expected.

ShinMaywa’s Diamond Coating System

Adopting the hot filament CVD method, diamond can be synthesized on a large area, and it can be applied to mass production products such as coating on cutting tools.
Unique technology optimizes adhesion and also offer conductive diamond coating. We can propose the system sales and also coating service.
In addition, we can propose recycling such as film removal and re-coating by taking advantage of our ion etching technology.


  • Cutting tools for CFRP, Graphite and Aluminum processing
  • Dies & Molds
  • Seal component
  • Electrode
    • * Please contact us about developing new applications.

System specifications

System/Method Hot Filament CVD
System Dimension L 2,480 x W 1,320 x H 2,240
Vacuum chamber
L 620 x W 600 x H 500
Applicable substrate 
Tools:⌀0.5 - ⌀20 L200
Flat Substrate:⌀250 t30
Substrate material Carbide, Ceramics, heat-resistant material
Coating length 50mm
Power supply 3 phase 200V 50kVA A type ground connection
Coolant 25L/min
Gas CH4, H2, N2 and available additional port
Weight Approx. 2,000 kg
Nanocrystalline diamond coating
Nanocrystalline diamond coating
Microcystalline diamond coating
Microcystalline diamond coating
  • * Due to diamond coating temperature will be around from 800degC to 900degC, substrate material shall be 
    limited heat-resistant material.
    For coating on cobalt content carbide, de-cobalt pretreatment is required.
    Also our pretreatment system can be offered as turnkey.
    Optimized diamond grain size can be offered for each applications.

We can also propose microwave plasma CVD equipment.

Application examples

CFRP drilling test of same tool shape and different coating #1

Drill size:⌀7.95 L90
CFRP thickness:8.5mm
Dry processing
CFRP drilling test


[Playtime: 37 seconds]

Improvement of wear condition of tool edge after 100 holes

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ShinMaywa Diamond Coating
ShinMaywa Diamond coating

CFRP drilling test of same tool shape and different coating #2

Dirll size:⌀3.28
CFRP thickness:8mm
Dry cutting
ShinMaywa Diamond Coating
Correlation between the number of drilled holes and the amount of coating wear

Reduce wear and extend tool life!

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