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About the series “ShinMaywa: What we do is all around you.”

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ShinMaywa provides many products that are essential to daily life.
"STOL Flying Boat" that can take off and land on the ocean and help save lives; "Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridge" that connect aircraft and airport facilities; "Refuse Compactors" play major part of collecting wastes in cities; "Refuse Transfer Station facilities,'' which intermediate processing facility that efficiently transports waste collected by refuse compactors, "Submersible Pumps," which circulate water. These are just a few examples of what ShinMaywa provides.

In our advertising series named, "ShinMaywa: What we do is all around you.", were exclusively drawn by manga artist Kyo Machiko-san who has has a reputation for lyrically depicting the daily lives of young people with transparent paintings based on blue. This ad series depicts  how our products blend into everyday life.

Comment from Kyo Machiko-san

I learned about ShinMaywa Industries Industries for the first time through this job, and I felt that it was a company that was close to our lives and supported us.
It made me realize once again that there are people who are not the main characters, but we would definitely be in trouble without, but they support society.
I especially learned a lot because I don't usually look at trucks closely and draw them. I think this is the first time I've  focused on one truck.
I was also surprised because I didn't know that there was special purpose truck with such a cool design.
I would be happy if the many people who see this ad from now on will be able to understand that there are people and things that support us every day, even though we can't see them in our daily lives.

Outdoor/traffic advertising

The following lists are our outdoor and transportation advertisements currently posted.

Osaka International Airport

They are posted at 24 locations in the security area on the 2nd floor departure and arrival floors, and can be viewed in both the South and North Terminals.

  • * As this is a secure area, you can only view it during boarding and arrival.
South terminal
  • 9th and 10th gate fixed bridge
  • Passage in front of gate 13
North terminal
  • Passage in front of gate 14
  • 17th and 18th gate fixed bridge

Tokyo Metro Ueno Station platform

It is posted near the center of the Ginza Line platform towards Ueno Hirokoji (on the tracks).

Kobe Airport departure floor lobby

The lobby on the 2nd floor (departure floor) has an atrium, and information is posted on the 3rd floor of the elevator next to the security checkpoint entrance.

Hankyu Corporation Imazu Line (Toward Takarazuka) West side alighting platform

It is posted near the center of the platform exclusively for getting off the Imazu Line (toward Takarazuka), where lines 6 and 7 are located.
*For the Imazu Line, the platform floors are different for "Takarazuka direction" and "Imazu direction."