Social Media Operation Policy

This policy applies to social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other blogs, hereinafter referred to as "our social media'') operated by ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company'') in order to achieve better communication with viewers and users (hereinafter referred to as "users") .
By accessing, viewing, or posting on our social media, you agree to the following. Please understand this before using our social media.

About precautions and disclaimers

We welcome comments from users on our social media. However, we may delete inappropriate comments from users even if they are related to our social media. In addition, our social media may be terminated or deleted without prior notice.

Please understand that comments posted by users are not our official views. We will make official announcements and disseminate our views through postings on our social media, our website, news releases, etc. Information posted on social media by employees of the Company and the Group does not necessarily represent official announcements or opinions of the Company. In addition, User Content posted by users does not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideals of the Company, its employees or related parties.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of any statements or claims on our social media and we are not responsible for User Content. Also, we do not respond to all posts and comments.

All users must comply with the terms of use of each social media and this operating policy.

The Company expects users not to post User Content that falls under any of the following, and may take measures such as deleting such User Content as necessary.

  1. 1. Acts that infringe on the copyrights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights of our company, other users, or third parties.
  2. 2. Acts that infringe on the property, credibility, privacy, etc. of the Company, other users, or third parties.
  3. 3. Acts that slander our company, other users, or third parties, regardless of whether they are true or not.
  4. 4. Personal information (e-mail address, address, telephone number, other private information) is sent, communicated, disclosed, copied, or copied to other users or third parties without the prior consent of the Company or the individual concerned. the act of writing.
  5. 5. Acts of sending, disclosing, copying, or writing copyrighted works of other users or third parties to other users or third parties without our prior consent.
  6. 6. Acts that interfere with or destroy the operation of the Company by viruses, hacking, etc.
  7. 7. Intimidation, obscenity, defamation, discrimination, political activities, religious activities, or acts that lead to them.
  8. 8. The act of borrowing a name or address to intrude into a computer.
  9. 9. All commercial activities such as sales activities, recruiting activities, affiliates, guidance to sales purpose sites, links, etc. without our prior permission.
  10. 10. Acts that interfere with the operation of our social media or our company, acts that damage our trust, or acts that give disadvantage to other users or our company.
  11. 11. Acts contrary to public order and morals, criminal acts, or acts closely related to them.
  12. 12. Laws, violations of laws, or acts closely related thereto.
  13. 13. Other acts contrary to the purpose of our social media.
  14. 14. Acts of providing or attempting to provide information such as vulgar images, sounds, texts, etc.
  15. 15. Acts such as display of advertising banners, including all kinds of advertising banner exchanges and link exchanges.
  16. 16. Posting or recommending acts that may conflict with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Inquiries Regarding This Matter

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