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About the tagline


Established in April 2021

The meaning of the tagline
Our new tagline, “VISION WITH INSIGHT,” represents the corporate stance of our Group: “Viewing the future from a broad perspective and insight to continue satisfying the true needs of society and customers.”
It incorporates our strong desire to realize our long-term vision by 2030.
Tagline design
The “V” of “VISION” has been angled at the same axis as the Earth in order to express the deep meaning incorporated in the tagline.
A green element extending above the “V” has been used to show our Group's growth and development into a true global company as we head to 2030.

About the ShinMaywa logo


Our logo debuted in April 1992. To incorporate the sense of "youthfulness" felt in the month of May in Japan, we adopted "May" in the spelling of "ShinMaywa." Furthermore, the word "May," derived from "Maia," the Latin name of the goddess of growth, seems appropriate.