Ion Etching System

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What is Ion Etching System?

Ion Etching is one of the physical cutting techniques by bombarding an object with ionized atom.
Using our own techniques, ShinMaywa has developed a de-coating system for cutting tools, dies and other parts.
De-coating means removing coatings from a substrate and makes it possible for the substrate to reuse.

Ion Etching System
Ion Etching System

There is a de-coating method using chemical but it may cause damages to a substrate and uses different chemical liquids depending on coating types.
When using hard metal alloy as a substrate, its component, cobalt is melted by chemical and the surface gets damaged, therefore it is considered to be difficult to reuse.

ShinMaywa's Ion Etching system uses a useful de-coating method replacing with using chemical methods.
Our system irradiates ions under dry environment, there is no cobalt (Co) elution contained in carbide substrate and the damage to the surface of the substrate can be minimized. In addition, it is gentle to human bodies and environment.
Not only for "de-coating" but it can be also used for "de-burring" and "sharpening of edges".

Ion etching image
Ion etching image
ion etching graph
Comparison of components before and after de-coating.


By allowing the base material to be reused by removing the film, costs such as base material costs and processing costs can be reduced.
For customers who own film coating system, it can be used as a recovery in case of a coating error.
Since no chemicals are used, there is no need for waste liquid treatment and environmentally friendly.

ShinMaywa's Ion Etching System

We have a lineup  of compact and standard types for system sales. Compact type is downsized and effective for small scale of production and can be used for various types of items. 
We offer the best system considering customers' specific needs.

System Specifications and De-coating Object

System specifications
Series IE series cIE series
Size W 2,300mm W 900mm
D 1,400mm D 1,200mm
H 2,350mm H 1,700mm
Weight Approx. 1,600kg Approx. 700kg
Gas Ar, O2 Ar, O2
Ion guns 4, 6, 8 sources 3, 5 sources
Max elec. consumption 19-31kVA 9-12kVA
De-coating object (coating)
Carbon Diamond coating, DLC
Nitriding TiN, TiAlN, AlN, AlCrN, TiCrN, CrN etc.
Metal Si, Cr etc.

Application examples

Coating tools on carbide substrates

  • Coatings can be removed without damaging carbide materials.
  • The shape and sharp cutting edge can be maintained even after membrane removal.
  • It can also be applied to materials other than carbide base materials.

De-coating Example of Carbide Endmill

AlCrN series

end mill

Coating type:AlCrN(2-3μm)

De-coating Example of Carbide Hob Cutter

Before and after hob cutter film removal


[Playing time: 3 minutes 49 seconds]

De-coating Example of Carbide Punch

Before and after punch membrane removal


[Playing time: 48 seconds]

Lens mold

After lens mold film removal

Deburring effect of injection needle

Before and after needle removal

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