Draw out the potential of mobility through connection and contribute to the creation of secure, convenient, and smart urban infrastructure

In order to support safe, secure, and convenient living, we capture changes in mobility, work on technological innovations that create the foundations of urban in terms of both goods and services, and create urban spaces.

Diverse solutions to make effective use of space

Pursuing safety and convenience with an eye on the future of urban and motorized society

In order to meet the parking needs of urban areas in Japan, ShinMaywa creates a variety of mechanical car parking systems, as well as handles maintenance and renewal work essential to maintaining safety and quality.
We provide many solutions together with ShinMaywa Parking Technologies, Ltd., a group company whose mainstay is  multi storey car parking systems. Recently, we have accurately grasped the rapid changes in the motorized society, such as the electrification of automobiles and technological innovations in autonomous driving, and are contributing to the creation of comfortable urban spaces.

Efforts to realize a future mobility society (response to CASE)

As there is a need for cooperation between autonomous cars and various infrastructures, ShinMaywa began joint research in 2017 with Gunma University, a national university corporation working on the practical application of autonomous cars. In February 2021, we established technology for highly accurate and safe automatic parking by coordinating self-driving cars and parking equipment. We have made great progress toward the realization of mechanical car parking systems that allows people to park without entering the parking area and avoids the risk of personal injury, expanding the possibilities of mobility.

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Supporting on-site work as a foundation for urban development

Eliminate labor shortages and reduce environmental impact

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Contribute to the construction of envrionmental friendly, safe, and smooth transportation system by promotion the automation of means of transportation

We contribute to the development of the world economy through technological innovations that support the safety and security of people and goods, as well as smooth transportation, in the logistics industry, which is expanding with the progress of globalization, as well as in the automobile and aviation industries.

Supporting the movement of people and goods

Providing a safe and smooth transportation system

ShinMaywa supports the realization of transportation methods that are friendly to people and environment in the ever-evolving logistics and aviation industries, as well as by providing production equipment equipped with cutting-edge technology necessary to realize the electrification and automation of automobiles. 

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Supporting smart airport operation

Contributing to smart airport operation

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Saving a life

Contributing to rescue activities with the world's best performance

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Contribute to environmental conservation and the effective use of resources for a recycling-based economy by promoting the optimization of waste and domestic waste water treatment systems

We protect the air, water, and forests that are essential to us with a variety of future-oriented technologies.

Sanitary and efficient storage and transport of waste

Contributing to the realization of a recycling-oriented society and a decarbonized society

The number of waste items increases with the development of society. ShinMaywa has been involved for many years in manufacturing products that handle the collection and transportation of waste. We contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society by pursuing products and services that can perform tasks such as collection, transshipment, intermediate processing, and transportation hygienically, efficiently, and safely.

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Exploring new frontiers in aircraft technology

Unmanned aircraft that support safe and secure environmental observation

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Supporting forestry

Contributing to maintaining the diverse functions of forests

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Supporting a comfortable living environmental through water infrastructure

Active in circulation of limited water resources and countermeasures against flood damage

Water is a precious resource that is essential for living a comfortable life. ShinMaywa develops, manufactures, and maintains submersible pump and water treatment-related equipment used in sewerage systems together with our group company ShinMaywa Aqua Technology Service, Ltd.
We support a safe and secure water environment with our energy-saving product lineup, including drainage pumps that are effective in preventing flood damage, which has been occurring frequently in recent years.

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