Company Information

ShinMaywa Group Philosophy

Corporate principles

Established January 6th, 1964

The sense of value that ShinMaywa Group has cherished for many years along with our basic principles which will never change.

(Clean   Sincere   Steady   Enterprising)
(Clean   Sincere   Steady   Enterprising)

Management philosophy

Established April 1, 2020

The basic way of thinking about management that shows the reason for ShinMaywa Group’s existence, purpose, and mission, which is never shaken even when the surrounding environment changes.

ShinMaywa Group will contribute to the overall well-being of humanity, bringing unstinting innovation for a stable society and positive living environment.

Long-term vision

Established April 1, 2020

Expressing what we are aiming for ShinMaywa to have become by 2030, based on our management philosophy.

To respond to global society needs,
we will be a true value co-creation company
that advances urban, transportation
and environmental infrastructures.

Action guidelines

Established April 1, 2020

The basic policy of actions that should be carried out by all ShinMaywa Group employees to achieve our “Management philosophy” and “Long-term vision”. This is something on which each employee relies for his/her daily action.

  1. 1.We prioritize right and wrong over profit and loss with high ethical standards.
  2. 2.We strive to create new value with flexible ideas.
  3. 3.We judge and act quickly with a view to the world.
  4. 4.We understand the essence of what is required, and respond beyond expectations.
  5. 5.We work together to solve problems.
  6. 6.We accumulate knowledge and improve our techniques, which we will pass down to the next generation.
  7. 7.We have high aspirations and strive to improve ourselves with the future in mind.

Code of conduct

Established April 1, 2020

The rules are set for each ShinMaywa Group company and each employee. Thus, the companies and employees can build and maintain an expansive relationship of trust with society. These rules specify matters that have to be observed by various units in the company such as corporate, organizational, and individual.

  1. 1.Conduct fair and proper business through complete compliance.
  2. 2.Have no relationships with antisocial forces or related organizations.
  3. 3.Strictly manage and appropriately use confidential company and personal information.
  4. 4.Provide safe, good quality products and services under corporate responsibility.
  5. 5.Increase transparency through appropriate information disclosure and acquire stakeholders’ trust.
  6. 6.Respect an individual’s sense of value and diversity and emphasize the human rights of all people.
  7. 7.Prepare work environments in consideration of the physical and mental health and safety of employees.
  8. 8.Always conduct thorough risk management and are prepared for threats to our corporate activities.
  9. 9.Contribute to the revitalization and sustainable development of local communities.
  10. 10.Strive to reduce the environmental burden and preserve the global environment.