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ShinMaywa Group Corporate Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy Framework reflects the common core values shared by the ShinMaywa Group.
While our bedrock "Corporate Principles" has remained permanent since our establishment in 1964, our Group's Corporate Philosophy proclaims our aspiration to become an "ideal enterprise."

Corporate Philosophy Framework

Corporate Philosophy Framework

Group Philosophy

Established January 2010

The ShinMaywa Group, valuing the spirit of harmony and the importance of discovering the essence of things, continues to contribute to the improvement of societies through our responsiveness, creativity and love of a challenge.
We respond to the trust and fulfill the expectations of our customers, shareholders and society by using our ability to see the changes of times with certainty.
We create a rich living environment and social infrastructure by pursuing advanced levels of technology and quality in our unique manufacturing technology and services.
We challenge ourselves to provide happiness and realize dreams by encouraging the fullest growth and development of each individual.