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“VISION WITH INSIGHT” – Real Vision Focused on the Future Promotes Sustainable Growth

President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa
President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa

In 2020, ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the business. During the years since foundation, ShinMaywa has expanded its business into fields from aircraft, special purpose trucks, and industrial machinery to social infrastructure, and has responded in concrete form to the hopes and expectations conveyed by customers by providing products and services without limitation to our business categories. This has resulted in our wide variety of businesses up to the present day.

We believe that our focus on “sincere attitude toward work,” which underlies each and every one of these products and services, is the source of our success in joining the ranks of companies with a history of 100 years.

As we proceeded through this anniversary year, we have commenced taking new steps. While continuing to carefully pass on the “technological capabilities that support our monozukuri (manufacturing)” and our “industriousness and earnestness” developed over our 100-year history, we have started to change into a “future-oriented” corporate group that can contribute to the realization of a better society.

Looking ahead, changes to social and management environments that will overturn preconceived ideas are expected to occur everywhere at an unimaginable speed. To take our place in that society, we will need to be oriented toward sustainable growth and make appropriate changes. Among them, for carrying out the management activities of the ShinMaywa Group with unwavering conviction, it is essential to have an “axis” to become the framework. Our Long-term Management Plan will provide that axis.

Our new Medium-term Management Plan which has started in FY2021, will be the first step. We will work toward the goal of 2030 through several phases, while making course corrections at times in accordance with social changes and progress in our plans, and will push forward without wavering toward the aim declared in our Long-term vision: “To respond to global society needs, we will be a true value co-creation company that advances urban, transportation and environmental infrastructures.” We will also, at times, clarify the path that we should take by coming back to our Management philosophy, which forms the true basis of the ShinMaywa Group.

By a curious coincidence, 2030 is also the target year for achieving the SDGs put forward by the United Nations. Society’s expectations and requirements of companies are increasing year by year, and in corporate group entities as well it is essential to promote business activities with consideration for people, societies and the global environment and, of course, to practice ESG management. Fortunately, the ShinMaywa Group has a number of businesses related to social infrastructure, and its ability to contribute to the SDGs through those businesses is one of its great strengths.

Going forward, in our business activities, we will clearly specify a renewed portfolio that is oriented to society in 2030 and, as part of that, we will accelerate our measures related to contributing to the SDGs and our initiatives for giving concrete form to those goals. At the same time, we will fulfil our social responsibilities by laying out our roles and activities plans toward realization of a decarbonized society, while concurrently making efforts to address the various risks that we have experienced in the past and those that we anticipate going forward, and providing appropriate disclosure of progress in that regard.

As part of this, our newly-established tagline, “VISION WITH INSIGHT,” shows all our stakeholders the ShinMaywa Group’s corporate approach of “viewing the future from a broad perspective and insight to continue satisfying the true needs of society and customers ” as well as incorporating our firm intention of realizing our Long-term vision oriented to 2030.

With the tagline, “VISION WITH INSIGHT,” we intend to become a corporate group that is always needed by global society.

Director and President Tatsuyuki Isogawa