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Our Group Philosophy states: “The ShinMaywa Group, valuing the spirit of harmony and the importance of discovering the essence of things, continues to contribute to the improvement of societies through our responsiveness, creativity and love of a challenge.” Under the guidance of this philosophy, the Group currently operates mainly in the five business areas of Aircraft, Special Purpose Trucks, Fluid(Water Treatment Equipment), Industrial Machinery Systems, and Parking Systems, with the entire Group working in concert to cover everything from production through after-sales services.

All of our Group’s businesses have the same mission of “fulfilling our social responsibility through the provision of superior products and services and the maintenance and improvement of the quality of our management.” All of our employees constantly pursue advanced levels of technology and quality in order to respond to the trust and fulfill the expectations of our customers, shareholders and society by using our ability to see the changes of times with certainty. They also keep challenging themselves to be able to contribute to society through provision of our unique manufacturing technology and services, while aiming to become a company where they can improve themselves by making social contributions through their work.

Whether it be on dump trucks, refuse compactors, parking towers for commercial facilities and condominiums, or aircraft passenger boarding bridges connecting passenger aircraft with airport terminals, you might have seen the blue ShinMaywa logo. Less often seen by the general public are our marine rescue amphibians, submersible pumps for sewage systems, wire processors for automotive electrical wires, and facilities for sorting and intermediate processing of refuse. Yet, all of these products and services play essential roles in our daily lives and, through them, we at ShinMaywa Group are making contributions to society of which we are proud.

ShinMaywa will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2019. In 2020, it will have been 100 years since 1920, when an Aircraft Department was established within Kawanishi Machinery Company, our forerunner. We would not have been able to sustain our business operations to this day without your generous support, for which we are deeply grateful.

Going forward, we pledge to focus on bolstering our core businesses; apply a customer-first credo; contribute to society by continuing to provide products and services that satisfy customers and which prompt them to say, “ShinMaywa is the best”; and constantly grow as a company. To that end, we will also strive to create workplaces where all group employees find their work rewarding and feel happy.

With the conviction that promoting such efforts will lead to the creation of businesses and products that are vital in the new era, we aim to build a highly innovative enterprise structure that will enable us to respond rapidly to changing times. We look forward to your ongoing support as all employees work together to meet your expectations and present a ShinMaywa that shines ever brighter.

President & CEO Tatsuyuki Isogawa

President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa