Plasma Ion Processing System

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What is Plasma Ion Processing System?

Plasma (ion) processing is a surface modification technology using ions generated by plasma.
As application examples, it is used for nitride processing and shape improvement of metal working tools.

Plasma Ion Processing System
Plasma Ion Processing System

Sharpening of cutting tools by Plasma treatment

Diamond coated cutting tool

Sharpening of Diamond coated tools by unique plasma treatment

Diamond coating achieves the improvement of wear resistance and longevity!
However... the cutting edge is rounded...

Sharpens the coating itself without damaging the base material

Cutting test with sharpened diamond coated tool

(Left) Machined surface by conventional tool
(Right) Machined surface by sharpened tool
Tool R0.5 diamond coated ball end mill
Work Ultra-fine grained carbide (lens-shaped processing)
Evaluation Comparison of surface condition of machined surface
  • * Provided by Shibaura Machinery Co., Ltd.
    (Processing machine: UVM series)

Diamond coated blade

Plasma Nitriding

Principle of Plasma Nitriding

A hollow cathode type plasma generator creates nitrogen plasma and introduce it into the vacuum chamber.
Nitrogen plasma ions are accelerated by the bias voltage applied to the specimen, bombarding. Nitrogen-based intermetallic compounds are createsd on the surface of the specimen.

Characteristics of Plasma Nitriding

  • We use argon gas which has low environmental impact and nitrogen gas. It provides a better work environment. (Ammonia gas is not necessary.)
  • Temperature increases up to processing temperature only by plasma power. It is a simple structure.
  • Nitride processing can be done on stainless steel.


  • Improved hardness
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Improved corrosion resistance

Surface hardness of various materials

  Before treatment (HV) After treatment (HV)
SKD11 697 1200
STAVAX 595 1200
SUS630 446 1550
SUS440C 653 1400
SUS304 213 1000
Surface hardness graph of various materials

Application examples

Application to high speed tool steel

A cross-sectional view of high-speed tool steel after nitriding treatment (left) and hardness change from the surface (right) are shown.
Measure several points from the surface to the depth using a Vickers hardness tester.
The surface hardness varies depending on the target material and processing conditions.

high speed tool steel

System specifications

Size W 2,200mm
D 2,100mm
H 2,650mm
Weight Approx. 2,600kg
Gas Ar, N2
Temp. <500℃
Plasma source 1 unit

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