ShinMaywa Group operates a wide variety of businesses.

This time, we would like to introduce an overview of each div. Industrial Machinery Systems Div., which has a particularly diverse field, and the websites each of them publishes.

Wire Processing System

We manufacture automatic wire processors and peripheral equipment.
automatic wire processors is a device that processes electrical wires at high speed and with high precision, which are the raw materials for wire harnesses, which correspond to the "nerves" and "blood vessels" of various electronic devices and products, and transportation. supports the development of
*Wire harness: A part that is wired inside automobiles, home appliances, etc. and efficiently transmits current and electrical signals.

Environmental Systems

As a pioneer in waste intermediate treatment facilities, our company proposes efficient systems ranging from collection, storage, and transportation to recycling. We are contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society through energy-saving and labor-saving technologies for waste treatment infrastructure.

Vacuum Coating and Surface Modification

Utilizing vacuum technology, we manufacture equipment that forms reflective and protective films for automobile headlamps, as well as coating equipment that improves the wear resistance of cutting tools for difficult-to-cut materials.

DD motor (automatic machine)

We provide industry-leading high-output, high-precision motors for markets that require "high-precision rotation" such as hard disk inspection equipment and semiconductors.