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Nano Diamond Dispersion

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Technical Information

What is Nano Diamond dispersion?

Nano diamond dispersion is colloidal solution of nano-size diamond particles, which are dispersed in liquid (water). Nano diamond has been attracting public attention because many potential applications can be considered, such as drug delivery, lubricant, thermal conductive paste, and as admixture for resin and paint etc.

Our manufacturing process of the nano-diamond dispersion is free from dispersant or chemical additives. Due to the creation of high positive zeta potential on the particles, our unique manufacturing method can keep high stability of dispersion for several months of shelf-life. It is also possible to modify the surface of the particles to alter the zeta potential from positive into negative.

Nano Diamond Dispersion


  • Paint admixture
  • Lubricant
  • Filler in resin
  • Filler in metal plating

* Please contact us for any development of new applications.

System Specifications

Dispersion medium
Pure water
Partial size
2.7 - 3.5nm
4 - 5
45 - 55mV
Partial distribution

Partial distribution

Application Examples

  • Application example of Polyurethane paint admixture

Paint hardness increases approximately twice with nano-diamond.

Scratch test using a Multilith eraser

Scratch test using a Multilith eraser

Hardness comparison by a nano indenter

Hardness comparison by a nano indenter
Hardness comparison by a nano indenter


Nano Diamond Dispersion Catalog[PDF/754KB]

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