Product Information

DLC Coating System

It is a system which can form a CN film that is superior in wear resistance, with high hardness of diamond-like-carbon and conductibility.

Ion Etching System

By removing coatings from carbide cutting tools or coatings on dies by ions, it enables to reuse carbide parts.

Plasma Ion Processing System

It is a system that generates nitride compounds on the top surface by bombarding metal surface with nitrogen ions. It increases hardness of the top surface and wear resistance is improved.

Diamond Coating System

Diamond coating with outstanding high hardness and adhesion

Nano Diamond Dispersion

Nano diamond dispersion is colloidal solution of nano-size diamond particles, which are dispersed in liquid (water). Nano diamond has been attracting public attention because many potential applications can be considered, such as drug delivery, lubricant, thermal conductive paste, and as admixture for resin and paint etc.

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