SPM30C (Crash-proof) Type

Industry-leading low NRRO (non-repetitive rotational run-out accuracy) with a high-precision slotless motor and new crash-proof feature!

We have developed an air spindle equipped with a "crash proof" anti-crush function and a "slotless motor" to further improve the rotational speed of the conventional SPM30.
The easier-to-use, higher-performance ShinMaywa air spindle will play an active role in improving the performance of hard disk inspection systems, wafer inspection systems, and DVD inspection systems.

Air spindle [SPM30C type]


  • Equipped with slotless motor
  • Crash-proof
  • High speed (20,000r/min) ~ NRRO 2nm or less at low speed
    (according to our metrics)
  • Reduces unbalance during high-speed rotation and achieves low vibration.
    Unbalance amount 0.05gmm or less


Air spindle [SPM30C type] Main dimensions
(Unit: mm)


Model SPM30C
Air supply pressure used 0.5MPa (G)
Maximum rotation speed 20,000r/min
Rotation speed fluctuation *1 0.002% or less (encoder Z phase jitter)
Non-repetitive rotational runout accuracy
Radial 0.003μm or less
Axial 0.003μm or less
Repeated rotational runout accuracy
Radial 1μm or less
Axial 1μm or less
Rigidity Radial 12N/μm or more
Axial 30N/μm or more
Load capacity Radial 30N or more
Axial 90N or more
Consumption air flow rate 6Nl/min or less
Motor capacity 60W (at 20,000r/min)
Cleanliness Class 10 (0.1μm)
Unbalance amount 0.08gmm or less
Weight 2.7kg
  1. *1 Performance in combination with our non-switching driver NS20-A

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