Flow to Delivery

STEP1  Consultation

Please feel free to contact our sales office.

STEP2  Planning

Please let us know your usage conditions and required specifications.
We will propose the most suitable motor through motor simulation.

STEP3  Presentation of delivery specifications

We will show you the motor that is most suitable for your application using delivery drawings and delivery specification drawings.

STEP4  Order

Orders can be made starting from just one piece.
We will guide you to products that meet your goals.

STEP5  Delivery

We deliver motors exclusively for customers in a short lead time.

Delivery form as close to custom-made as possible - 
Thorough simulation to ensure appropriate design

We offer more than 960 types of motors, with 10 types of stator outer diameters, 6 or more types of core stacking thickness, and 16 types of winding specifications. Through thorough simulation, you can determine the specifications as if it were a custom-made, built-in type.