SPM28 (Crash-proof) Type

The conventional SPM27H is equipped with a crash prevention function "Crash Proof".

We have increased the rigidity of the air bearing compared to conventional models.
Air spindle for precision rotation of disks in disk inspection equipment, etc.

Air spindle [SPM28 type]


  • Crash-proof
  • Compact, lightweight, and high speed.
  • Class 10 (0.1μm) cleanness.
  • Vacuum contact structure at the center of bearing allows for installing workpiece such as disk.


Air spindle [SPM28 type] Main dimensions
(Unit: mm)


Model SPM28
Air supply pressure used 0.4MPa (G)
Maximum rotation speed 20,000r/min
Rotation speed fluctuation *1 0.001% or less
(Encoder Z phase jitter)
Non-repetitive rotational runout accuracy
Radial 0.005μm or less
Axial 0.005μm or less
Repeated rotational runout accuracy
Radial 2μm or less
Axial 1μm or less
Rigidity Radial 9.5N/μm or more
Axial 33N/μm or more
Load capacity Radial 30N or more
Axial 100N or more
Consumption air flow rate 6Nl/min or less
Motor capacity 50W (at 15,000r/min)
Cleanliness Class 10 (0.1μm)
Unbalance amount 0.05gmm or less
Weight 2.0kg
  1. *1 Performance in combination with our non-switching driver NS20-A

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