Air Spindle Unit

ShinMaywa has achieved low NRRO (Non-Repeatable Run-Out) with the Air Spndle, setting a new quality standard for the industry.

Air Spindle Unit

As a manufacturer of frameless motors, ShinMaywa has been supplying industry-leading high-rigidity, high-precision air spindles using the latest technology and precision processing technology. However, with air spindles, it is difficult to manage the usage envrionmental and usage, and in the worst case, the spindle may crash (burn out).
Therefore, in order to meet these needs, ShinMaywa has developed an air spindle equipped with a "slotless motor" with the aim of achieving "crash proof" and further improving rotational speed.
ShinMaywa 's easier-to-use, higher-performance air spindles will play an active role in improving the performance of hard disk inspection equipment, wafer inspection equipment, and DVD inspection equipment.

  • Compact design with built-in motor and encoder
  • Adopts high-precision static pressure air bearing to achieve low NRRO, low friction loss, and low heat generation.
  • Since it is completely non-contact, accuracy is maintained semi-permanently by supplying clean air.
  • Adopts a slotless motor to achieve higher rotational precision than ever before.
  • Equipped with "crash proof" which prevents crash (burn-in)

Crash Proof

Conventional self-limiting air bearings suffer from seizing when the shaft and bearing come into contact due to overload or foreign matter getting into the supplied air, which requires repair or replacement to recover. Crash-proof air bearings have improved internal structure and are more durable against crashes.

Slotless Motor

Unlike conventional motors (with cores), there are no slots (grooves) in the electromagnetic steel sheet, and the magnetic field is formed using cylindrical windings and magnets. This improved winding configuration and increased rigidity eliminates cogging torque * and improves speed control performance.

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