[Product Introduction] Industrial Systems Division’s DD Motor

ShinMaywa Group’s products make our daily lives possible in a number of different ways. 

We will focus on products that you may not see outside, yet allow us to live in safety and comfort: “behind-the-scenes powerhouses.”

This time, “behind-the-scenes powerhouse” product is the frameless motor.

Motors are products handled by the Automatic Machine Group of the Industrial Machinery Systems Division. We have been working on these products for many years, and their selling point has been the performance and precision they possess that is tailored to customers’ needs. This past March, we launched and began taking orders for two new frameless motor (mass production specification) models for drive units (actuators). These are small in size, but require high-precision drive and control, such as for cooperative robots, power-assist suits, and automatic transport robots, all of which have seen growing demand due to the labor shortage and other factors.

The labor shortage is a major social issue. We believe that there will be an increased need in the future for robots that can reproduce delicate human movements and tools that assist people. Our motor technology has been given a growing number of opportunities to make contributions within familiar scenarios.

We are one of a handful of manufacturers that produce this type of motor, and we are currently engaged in development of even smaller motors that can be used for even more situations and applications.

Our motors excel when it comes to stable rotation speed and high precision control. Besides the frameless motors introduced here, we also supply many other types of motors to markets that require high-precision rotation, such as for hard disk inspection equipment, semiconductors, ultra-precision machine tools, and testing equipment for research institutes.

Recently, we have been participating in joint research at the JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Space Exploration Innovation Hub, and are taking on challenges in new fields, such as developing the world's best-class compact, high-efficiency motor.

World’s most compact and efficient motorWorld’s most compact and efficient motor

ShinMaywa’s products and services continue to support social infrastructure throughout society today.