Complex Coating System

Briefing of Multi-chambers System

Large Scale Complex Vacuum System "Multi-chambers System"

Chamber arrangement and system layout are all up to the customer's preference. Tailor made system is designed.

Large multi-chambers complex system having maximum 3,000mm square chamber has been shipped out to the customers by combining transportation robot in vacuum, gate valve, peripheral equipment, etc. The system is used in optics, semiconductor, LCD and other high-tech film deposition.

An example of configuration for Multi-chambers system

An example of configuration for Multi-chambers system


  • Combining process chamber and load/unload chamber, it is possible to construct the system according to the substrate shape and production schedule
  • Chamber size is up to 3,000mm square x 3,500mm in height large substrate size and large amount of production are feasible
  • Substrate transportation among chambers can be done using transportation robot in vacuo and specific handling equipment through large vacuum gate valve, which realizes full automatic system

Components for Multi-chambers System

This is the components constituent the multi-chambers system. Accumulated technology at ShinMaywa is alive in each component.

  • You may see details of each component by click the picture below.
An example of Multi-chambers system (3 process chambers + 1 Load lock chamber)