Model TR201C Series Terminating Machine

Photo of automatic wire terminating machine TR201C series
Model TR201C Series  Terminating Machine (TR201C,TR202C)

With the matching of high precision unit and high speed control, the processing capacity up to 4500 units/hour even in extra-fine wires is realized.

The high-accuracy drive realizes high-quality strip processing and terminal crimping of narrow-gauge wire by its own control technology. The lightweight optimization design of the drive part provides environment-friendly features such as energy saving by miniaturization of the motor and low noise by the installation of a silent crimper in which the machine noise is minimized.

The swing-type touch panel moves freely. It can respond to the movement of the operator smoothly.

Available process for each model

Model TR201C TR201CS TR201CSS TR202C TR202CS THR202C
Wire size
0.013 – 0.85 mm2
(AWG36 - 18)
0.013 – 0.3 mm2
(AWG36 - 22)
0.08 – 1.25 mm2
​ ​
Press capacity 14.7 kN
(1.5 t)
19.6 kN
(2 t)
Both-ends crimping
(Production line) Processing contents list_01
○*1 ○*1 ○*1
Single-end crimp and single-end tinning
(Process line) Processing contents list_05
Both-ends tinning
  1. ※1Possible by removing the tinning unit
  • *Applicable wire size changes with parts or optional parts to be mounted.
  • *The mm2/AWG conversion of the wire size is for reference only.
  • *Some wires are difficult to process.
  • *Please contact us when special wires need to be processed.

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