End of Sales Products

The following table shows the date of discontinuation for the applicable products.

Products Model End of sales End of spare parts supply Announcement
TR201 series *1 TR201/S/SS, TR202/S March 2014 March 2023 [PDF/59KB]
TRD401 series TRD401 series all models March 2022 March 2032  [PDF/67KB]
TR301 series TRD301/TRD301WPSA/TRD301WPA/
March 2024 March 2034 [PDF/60KB]
  1. *1 TR201C/TR202C (Made in China) series are still available.
  2. *2 TRD302, TRD303 and TRD301C (Made in China) series are still available.
Please note that spare parts supply or repair service may be discontinued before the "End of spare parts supply" in case the inventory runs out and we have difficulty to procure the necessary electric components from the manufacturers.