Product Information

Automatic Wire Terminating Machines

Various kinds of electrical wire are used in wiring of many equipments such as automobiles, electrical appliances, cellular telephones and laptop computers. The Automatic Wire Terminating Machine of ShinMaywa automatically cuts and crimps terminals at a high speed and accuracy is highly appreciated for its superior quality after processing by automobile harness makers. And we have a sufficient support system abroad.

Product Lineup

Model TRD701 Terminating Machine

High performance model for more productivity with high speed and precision processing

Model TR500 Terminating Machine

The high reliability model with an extreme of technical wisdom

Model TRD401 Terminating Machine
(End of sales)

High precision, High reliability, High throughput
A future global standard machine

Model TRD301 Terminating Machine

A Machine that is superior in high processing capacity and stability of processing accuracy.

Model TR201C Terminating Machine

High-quality and high-speed terminal crimping of the short, narrow-gauge wire has been realized.