Model TRD301C Series Terminating Machine

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Photo of automatic wire terminating machine TRD301 series
Model TRD301C Series Terminating Machine

The new TRD301C double-end automatic wire terminating machine now includes a seal insertion machine and a middle stripping machine. The TRD301C series features a completely new direct drive system unique to ShinMaywa, and is a machine with excellent processing capacity and stable processing accuracy thanks to the thorough brush-up of high-speed control technology and the design of a highly rigid drive mechanism.

The operation Windows base operating system of PC control was developed, which uses graphical user interface for easy data input. In addition, the new type digital crimping press is integrated as standard on all model machines. Its high-rigidity body and integration of an independent link mechanism which enhances the automatic crimp height adjustment that allows quick set-up changes.

Equipped with a variety of ShinMaywa 's unique technologies, the TRD301C series promises to improve productivity.

Available process for each model

Model TRD301C TRD301C
TRD302 TRD302
Wire size
0.13 – 5.0 mm2 (AWG26 - 10) 0.2 – 2.0 mm2
(AWG24 - 14)
0.2 – 5.0 mm2 (AWG24 - 10)
Press capacity 24.5kN
(2.5 t)
(4 t)
Both-ends crimping
(Production line) Processing contents list_01
Both-ends crimping and intermediate stripping
Both-ends crimping and single-end seal insertion
(Process line) Processing contents list_03
Both-ends crimping and seal insertion
  • *Applicable wire size changes with parts or optional parts to be mounted.
  • *The mm2/AWG conversion of the wire size is for reference only.
  • *Some wires are difficult to process.
  • *Please contact us when special wires need to be processed.

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