Semi-automatic machines & Peripheral devices

Desktop Digital Crimper (TRP256DM Series)

The crimping part is separate from the automatic terminating machine "TRD301" for the auto industry.
With numerical control, fine adjustments can be made by 1/100 mm in the caulking height and by 1/100 second in the processing speed.

Tabletop digital crimper
Model TRP256DM TRP256DM-4T
Press capacity 24.5kN (2.5t) 39.2kN (4.0t)
Crimping stroke 30/40mm (changeable)
Terminal feeding Side, end feed
Crimping height setting 0.01mm unit
Data memory 100 data
Operation language Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish
Option Crimp force monitor, Signal tower, etc.
Power supply 3-phase AC200V (50/60Hz) ± 10%
Dimensions 437W×497.5L×591H mm
Weight 140 kg

Semi Automatic Strip Crimper With Seal insertion (WSC Series)

This machine can automate the seal insertion, strip and crimping processes for multi-core cables and single wires.

  1. 1  Automatic 3 seals changeover technology from our TRD series is integrated for stable seal insertion and simple seal change or easy transfer to another machine.
  2. 2Minimum Sheath removal length with multi-core cable is 50mm for WSC-12 and 35mm for WSC-11W.
  3. 3 Improved crimping accuracy for bended wires by cutting the tip of the wire (tip cutting is standard function).
Model WSC-12 WSC-11W
Processing description Single wire processing 2 wire processing (single wire processing is not available)
Seal insertion / Strip / Crimping Seal insertion / Strip / Crimping
Wire size 0.13 - 1.25sq
Wire length over 80mm
Sheath removal length over 50mm
Select one from 0.3 - 0.85sq
Sheath removal length over 50mm
Max. processing capacity 1.7sec/pc. with seal insertion 3.6sec/pc. with seal insertion
1.3 sec/pc. without seal insertion 1.8 sec/pc. without seal insertion
Press capacity 24.5kN(2.5t)
Terminal feeding Side, end feed (end reel hangers are optional)
Crimping height setting 0.01mm unit
Stripping length 2.00 - 7.00mm (0.01mm unit)
Tip cut 1.00mm - 2.00mm (0.01mm unit)
Data memory 999 data
Operation language Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, Indonesian
Option Crimp force monitor, Interlayer paper winder, Attachment, Foot switch, etc.
Power supply 3-phase AC200V (50/60Hz) ± 10%
Compressed air source 0.5 MPa or over
Dimensions 650W×700L×1750H mm 650W×800L×1750H mm
Weight Approx. 400kg

Accumulator (TRA Series)

High speed and stable wire feeding bring out the maximum performance of the automatic wire processor.
By feeding wires stably, "wire tangling", "jamming at the length measuring section" and other "tendency of wire" can be improved.

Model TRA2500WSB/WS/B TRA4000
Wire supply Bobbin, Wire spool Wire spool
Wire size*1 0.08 - 0.5sq 0.13 - 2sq
Applicable bobbin P type: P2 - P30 *2
Max. supply capability 2,500 mm/s 4,000 mm/s
Power supply 1-phase(50/60Hz) AC200-240V or AC100-115V
Compressed air source 0.5±0.1Mpa
Dimensions 1200W×520L×890H mm 1200W×500L×870H mm
Weight 75kg *3 70kg
  1. *1  The applicable wire range is for reference. Feeding may be difficult depending on the wire type.
  2. *2  For details of the bobbin requirements, please contact us.
  3. *3  Dimensions and Weight in case of TRA2500WSB

Rubber Stopper Feeder (RF100)

Rubber plugs can be stably supplied to the seal insertion automatic wire terminating machine.

  1. 1 High-speed supply is achieved by specializing in rubber stopper supply, standard 55 pieces/min, maximum 67 pieces/min
  2. 2 Unique supply structure enables stable supply of rubber stoppers
  3. 3 Rubber plugs can be changed by replacing rubber plug-specific parts.
    If the outer diameter of the rubber stopper is different: 7 parts replaced.
    If the rubber plugs have the same outer diameter and different heights: Replace 2 parts.
Model RF100
Applicable rubber plug *1 Circular rubber stopper
Rubber stopper outer diameter 10mm or less, rubber stopper length 12mm or less
The length of the rubber stopper is 1 mm or more than the outer diameter of the rubber stopper.
Rubber stopper supply capacity *2 Standard 55 pieces/min Max. 67 pieces/min
Rubber stopper feeding direction Standard pressure feeding
Power supply Single phase AC100~240V (50/60Hz)
Air *3 0.5~0.55MPa 120L/min(ANR)
Dimensions Width 344 x Depth 580 x Height 870mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approximately 33kg (including control box)
Operating conditions Room temperature: 10-40℃, humidity: 85% or less (no condensation)
Option Display (controller), seal cassette connection parts
Spare bottle, positioning adjustment jig
  1. *1 Applicable rubber stoppers may not be compatible depending on the type of rubber stopper.
    If we do not have a track record, we will evaluate each rubber stopper to see if it can be used.
    Oval and hard shell rubber stoppers are not applicable.
  2. *2 The maximum supply capacity of the rubber stopper may not be satisfied depending on the type and shape of the rubber stopper and the capacity of the machine.
  3. *3 Air volume varies depending on the type of rubber stopper. This device does not have a pressure sensor.

Remote Monitoring System

The system can provide a variety of support using data from automatic wire processor. Information from each plant or production line can be collected in single PC.

Monitoring System
Monitoring of the Produced amount, Operating time, Downtime, Failure time, Error count, Defective pieces, etc. Report of Operation rate or Achievement rate can be created.
Analyzing system (RMA-01)
The system can support investigation of defects in process by recording the details of machine stoppages and defects.
Defect report is displayed based on materials or machine parameter.
Remote Monitoring System

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