Model TR500 Terminating Machine


Both-ends crimping machine TRD510

※TRD510 with optional equipments

Maximum Processing Capability (Both-ends crimping)

Max. 5,000 pieces/hour   [Processing condition] Cutting length: 100mm, Wire feeding speed: 6m/s
Max. 4,200 pieces/hour   [Processing condition] Cutting length: 500mm, Wire feeding speed: 6m/s
Max. 3,750 pieces/hour   [Processing condition] Cutting length: 1,000mm, Wire feeding speed: 6m/s


  • Two digital crimpers are included as a standard.
    Numerical control makes crimping adjustment simpler.
  • Terminal crimping monitor (TCM) and Bad wire chopper are included as a standard.


User interface

User interface
  • Simple user interface based on the actual operational procedure.

Bad Wire Chopper

Bad Wire Chopper
  • Cuts off defective wires to prevent them from getting mixed in good wires.

Terminal crimping monitor (TCM)

Terminal crimping monitor (TCM)
  • It rejects serious crimping failure.
  • An optimized setting for each processing data is selected automatically.