Model TR500 Terminating Machine


Both-ends crimping machine TR500

※TR500 with optional equipments

Maximum Processing Capability (Both-ends crimping)

Max. 6,000 pieces/hour   [Processing condition] Cutting length: 60mm, Wire feeding speed: 6m/s
Max. 4,800 pieces/hour   [Processing condition] Cutting length: 500mm, Wire feeding speed: 6m/s
Max. 4,200 pieces/hour   [Processing condition] Cutting length: 1,000mm, Wire feeding speed: 6m/s


  • TR500 has various optional devices and units in its lineup, such as the Automatic Wire Changer, the Crimper with a Dial Counter, and the Conveyor-type Wire Portioning Unit, which can shorten changeover times and enhance workability.
  • A large touch panel is utilized for TR500.


Automatic Wire Changer

Automatic Wire Changer
  • Provides automatic changeover for wire, which substantially reduces changeover times.
  • Easy operation with a touch panel.

Crimper with Dial Counter

Crimper with Dial Counter
  • Provides easy adjustment of crimping height by managing a value of the counter.
  • Helps reproduce the optimum setting of crimping height.

Conveyor type Wire Portioning Unit

Conveyor type Wire Portioning Unit
  • Portions the wires by intermittent feed of a flat belt.
  • Operators can pick the wire up without stopping the machine.
  • Productivity can be improved with this wire-portioning unit.
  • The number of wire bundles is selectable.