Model TR401 Terminating Machine

Feature of series

  • Newly developed belt-feed length measurement unit
  • Full safety cover over all moving parts
  • User friendly operation interface
  • Customizable program for operate limitation
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Consumables management function
  • Terminal Crimping Monitor (TCM)
  • Bad wire chopper
Model TRD401 Terminating Machine.

Newly developed belt-feed length measurement unit

Support for smaller gauge wires

  • Belt feeder transports wire by sandwiching them, and make a quickly and stably feed delicate small gauge wires.
  • New encoder feedback control has been added to measure and adjust wire length in real time increasing cut length accuracy.
New encoder feedback control

Full safety cover over all moving parts

Safety is another crucial aspect of performance.

  • In order to keep operators safe, all TRD401s come standard full cover for all moving parts.

User friendly operation interface

Bright, colorful display for quick and efficient work

  • The display language can be easily changed between English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.

Customizable program for operate limitation

The ability to freely customize operation authority can be done from monitor screen.

Operation authority setting screen

Quick troubleshooting

Shorten recovery times from trouble.

  • Error occurs; the location photo is shown on screen as well as possible causes.
  • Recovery guidance makes restoration work proceed smoothly.
  • Up to 1,000 production errors with time can be stored in hard disk memory on PC.
Sample screens of error recovery guidance

Consumables management function

Function to prevent quality detection

  • Automatic reminder message, notify the operator of the next inspection timing for consumables such as cutter blades and measurement belts.
  • If inspection times are preset, the machine interlock function is triggered after a warning message.
  • Guidance messages are provided after warning messages.
Consumables warning setting screen

Terminal Crimping Monitor (TCM)

The TCM was developed by ShinMaywa to judge whether the termination is good or not.

  • The TCM detects crimping pressure and makes judgments.
  • Detected waveforms are superimposed over the reference waveform in real time.
  • Registered waveforms and setting data are automatically called up with processing data.

Bad wire chopper

The chopper cuts off the terminal heads that are judged as bad by the TCM.