End of sales on March 31, 2022

Product Information

Model TRD401 Terminating Machine

The TRD401 series of both-ends crimping machines from ShinMaywa,
complemented with a new seal insertion model,
are ideal for low-volume production and smaller-gauge wires.

Both-ends crimping machines TRD401

Both-ends crimping machines TRD401

Both seal insertion both-ends crimping machine TRD401WPA

Both seal insertion both-ends crimping machine TRD401WPA

The automotive industry continues to innovate and expand rapidly. As automobile computerization advances, wire harnesses are ever-more important. This means the wires must be made even smaller for downsizing the wire harnesses. Meanwhile, in line with global trends, harnesses need to be manufactured in low-volume to suit auto makers' production plans. ShinMaywa's TRD401 both-ends crimping machines solve these requirements.
The TRD401 comes standard with a terminal crimping monitor for sophisticated quality management as well as a range of sensors. Automatic wire changer and applicator changer, boost productivity.
With this new seal insertion machine featuring a 3-module automatic-exchange seal unit, the TRD401 will be even more valuable to customers around the world.

Automatic wire changer

Automation of time-consuming procedure for changing the wire color and size

Wires loaded in position for the next production when the machine is operating are automatically changed, thus reducing the switchover time by 83% less than that of manual action.

Machine stopped→1.Wire retract / 2.Wire holder switch / 3.Wire feed(This entrie sequence is automatically performed.)→Operation start

Terminal & applicator changer

Significant reduction in machine set up time

Simply set up the next terminals or applicators during the production. The applicator sliding plate also supports this job.

Terminal & applicator changer
  • The automatic wire changer, the terminal & applicator changing device are options.

Standard specification

Both-ends seal insertion
Single-end seal insertion
Max. processing capacity Both-ends crimping 4,200 (pcs/h) Both-ends crimping 3,900 (pcs/h)
Both-ends seal insertion & both-ends crimping 2,600 (pcs/h)
Both-ends crimping 3,900 (pcs/h)
Single-end seal insertion & both-ends crimping 2,600 (pcs/h)
Conditions: Cut length 100 (mm); Machine speed set at max.
Wire O.D. / Wire size Standard 1.0 - 3.0 (mm) / 0.22 - 2.0 (mm2)
Smaller gauge 0.8 - 2.0 (mm) / 0.13 - 0.8 (mm2) Contact us for details about "Smaller gauge" and "3mm2 setting" applications.
3mm2setting 1.5 - 4.0 (mm) / 0.5 - 3.0 (mm2)
Cut length 60 - 20,000 (mm)
Strip length
F&R sides
0 - 17 (mm) At 0.1 (mm) intervals
Semi-strip length
F&R sides
1 - 25 (mm) At 0.1 (mm) intervals Max.insulation shifting length17 (mm)
Press force capacity 24.5 (kN)
Crimping stroke Standard 30 (mm) Optional 40 (mm)
Applicable terminal Max. board thickness (Copper alloy) 0.6 (mm) or less
Max. length 25 (mm)
Up to 30 (mm) possible, although with limited processing capacity between 25 and 30 (mm)
Seal insertion unit seal - O.D. φ8mm × Length 12mm or less; Tubular rubber*1
Primary power source 3-phase AC 200±20 (V) 50/60 (Hz) ; PC power source Single-phase AC 100V±14 (V)
A single-phase 100V power tap for PC is available on the optional primary transformer.
Power consumption 0.35 (kWh) 0.41 (kWh) 0.40 (kWh)
Use a power source of at least 3kVA to allow for instantaneous current while power is on or at start up.
Compressed air source Pressure 0.5 - 0.7 (MPa)
Consumed volume*2 0.15 (m3/min) (ANR) 0.25 (m3/min) (ANR) 0.20 (m3/min) (ANR)
Including the volume consumed by parts feeders
Operation screen Display LCD monitor
Language Japanese / English / Spanish / Chinese (For other languages, please contact us.)
Input Mouse and keyboard
Operator authorization Up to 5 levels
Crimping monitor ShinMaywa terminal crimping monitor as standard, with waveforms displayed in the lower part of the screen
Operating conditions Temperature 10 - 40 (℃)
Humidity RH 40 - 60 (%)
Weight Main body 890 (kg)
With optional equipment
940 (kg)
With optional equipment
920 (kg)
With optional equipment
Wire stacker 2m model: 150 (kg)    3m model: 180 (kg)    5m model: 230 (kg)
Parts feeder - 25 (kg) / unit (including the cart)
PC stand with auxiliary wire holder 30 (kg)
Other standard items Bad wire chopper, paper coiler, wire straightener with a counter, terminal and overload sensor, wire joint sensor, wire sensor, wire overload sensor, a set of nozzles
  • For wire-seal combinations, please contact us.
  • Air supply must be in the range from 0 to 30°C.
    If there is a possibility of freezing, fully remove all moisture from the air supply using a drier, etc.
    Remove oil and dust from the air supply using a filter or mist separator to avoid adverse effects on pneumatic equipment.

Dimensional outline drawing

For the TRD401, TRD401 WPA and TRD401 WPSA

Dimensional outline drawing