Model TRD301 Terminating Machine

About the series

Wire Size Application table

Wire Size Application table
  • An option is available to replace standard clamp with a heavy gauge style clamp. The crimping press capability is of the standard specification (TRD301 series,24.5 kN)
  • The mm2/AWG conversion for wire size is for reference only.

Dimensional outline Drawing

Dimensional outline Drawing
  • It is not possible to equip both upper feeding type and lower feeding type at a time use them concurrently. "End feeding terminal reel hanger," "Insulating paper take-up device" and "PC stand" are optional items.


Type TRD301 TRD301
Processing Capacity*1 Crimp to crimp 4,500 pcs/h 4,100 pcs/h 4,100 pcs/h 4,500 pcs/h 1,450 pcs/h
(Intermediate strip at one location)
Both-ends seal insertion and both-ends crimping 2,800 pcs/h
Front side insertion and both-ends crimping 3,000 pcs/h 3,000 pcs/h 2,600 pcs/h
Wire Size*2 Size 0.2 - 2.0mm2 AVSS 0.3 - 2.0mm2
CAVUS 0.3 - 1.25mm2
Wire O.D φ 1.0 - 3.0mm
Strip Length Full strip 1 - 17 mm(0.1 mm Unit) Intermediate strip length
10 - 20mm
Input is 5 - 22mm
(0.1 mm Unit)
Semi strip 1 - 25mm(0.1 mm Unit)
Cutting Length Max 9,999mm
Cutting Length Min*3 80mm 100 mm
(at seal insertion)
95 mm
(at intermediate strip)
Press Capacity 24.5kN(2.5 t)
Applicable Terminal Continuous Open Barrel, Side and End Feed
Applicable seal*4 Outer diameter of 8mm, length of 12mm or less, circular rubber seal
Seal supply system*5 Drum type parts feeder and in-tube air transport system
Motion Control 10 Axis AC
12 Axis AC
10 Axis AC
Power*6 Three Phase 200V AC±20V 15A 50/60Hz
Air Supply 0.5 Mpa(5kgf/cm2) or over 0.1 m3/min (100L/min) Normal or over
Displayed language*7 Two-languages comprised of English and one another language
(Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish or Indonesian)
Operation Temperature 15 - 25°C
Main body dimensions*8 Height 1,530 mm × Width 1,080 mm × Depth 880 mm
(main body only, excluding protrusions)
Weight Main body of about 670kg,
Pre-feeder of about 40kg
Main body of about 690kg,
Pre-feeder of about 40kg
Main body of about 670kg,
Pre-feeder of about 40kg
  • Capacity might change depending on the processing conditions and processing data.
  • Processing may be difficult depending on wire type.
  • Length may become longer depending on setting of the applicator and processing data.
  • Please consult with us if you require a shape larger than the indicated size.
  • The indications are of the standard specification. Others than the indications,such as the "Bowl feeder type", may be we may have to use parts feeder other than the drum type depending on seal type.
  • A voltage changing transformer is available for use in other countries than Japan upon request.
  • For languages other than the indicated,please consult with us.
  • The indicated values are for the main body only. For the installation dimensions,pleases see the overall size drawing.