Model TR201C Terminating Machine

About the series

Wire Size & Application Chart

Wire Size & Application Chart
  • An option is available to replace standard clamp with a heavy gauge style clamp. The crimping press capability is of the standard specification (TR201C series, 14.5 kN).
  • The mm2/AWG conversion for wire size is for reference only. But actual wire size and kind depend on wire materials.

Dimensional Outline Drawing(Unit:mm)

Dimensional Outline Drawing
Upper terminal reel

[Upper terminal reel]

  • As for the reel hanger, you can select the mounting position, either high position or low position.

Work Sample

Work Sample
  • This sample is just one example. In addition to this, the machine can respond to various processing. Feel free to consult us regarding the details.
  • Processing may be difficult under certain condition.