Components and Optional Equipment

Transportation Robot in Vacuum

Multi-chambers system proposed by ShinMaywa adopts many robots in the system for handling the heavy and fragile substrates, and automatic transportation.
Mechatronics technology having been accumulated through long experiences in making welding robot, laser cutting robot and AGV for semiconductor fabrication can afford stable mechanism, matured software, fine servo-control and improved anti-noise design.
Hence the system has high performance and reliability. Design and fabrication of stand lone robot is also acceptable. Please contact ShinMaywa.

Transportation Robot in Vacuum
Inside of Transportation Robot in Vacuum


  • The robotic system is the best fitting to transportation and automation for handling the heavy and fragile substrate

Main specification

Carrying capacity
50 - 300Kg
Accurate positioning at X axis, θ axis and Z axis
Limit of vacuum degree
Temperature limit
Transportation at low noise
< 0.5G (G-value measured by 50Hz low-path filter)