Components and Optional Equipment

Large Scale Gate Valve

The large vacuum gate valve is one of the key components that constituents the multi-chambers system ShinMaywa offers. This is originally designed valve and is available the valve only.

Large Scale Gate Valve
Inside of Large Scale Gate Valve


  • The valve works about 800,000 cycles of open/close operation without seal-exchange
  • Using rotational activation and Ferro fluid sealing technique, the valve does not induce any seal problem of dust convolving or grease dry up
  • Link drive gives mild activation and soft stopping of valve movement
  • After the valve plate vertically detached, the valve opens, which prevents twist drive of "0"-rings and enhances seal property and its life

Main application

  • Large vacuum gate valve is useful for dividing the vacuum chambers and for separating vacuum and atmosphere

Brief specification

Equipment size
W 1,580 × H 2,256 × D 430mm (reference value)
W 500 × H 300mm - W 2,000 × H 800mm (reference value)