Components and Optional Equipment

Ultra Low Temperature Refrigerator for Evacuation "NeoCold" RCT Series

Large capacity of ultra low temperature refrigerator contains the coolant that has Ozone destroy factor of "0".

RCT 762


Cryo coils
Performance comparison


  • This is ultra low temperature refrigerator that contains the coolant having Ozone destroy factor "0"

Ozone layer and regulation of Freon

  • The refrigerator works as cryo coils to the vacuum chamber by trapping water vapor, which improves pumping speed

Main application

  • The refrigerator contributes to make clean vacuum
  • The refrigerator accelerates pumping speed
  • The refrigerator improves clean by eliminating water vapor

Main specification

RCT 762S RCT 762SY RCT 762SZ
Standard Size of coil(mm)
(Surface area)
φ15.88 × t1.0 × 40,000
(About 20,000cm2)
Power supply 200V,3φ 50/60Hz
220V,3φ 60Hz
380V,3φ 50Hz
Size of recommended breaker
30 20
Coolant materials HFC-base mixed coolant
System weight(kg) 460 470