Vacuum Coating System for Optical Thin Film Market

SPD Ion Coater

SPD Ion Coater generating the stable plasma at higher vacuum level such as 10-3Pa is developed, which makes possible to deposit the film at rather low substrate temperature. The system fabricates high quality film having less thermal deterioration and good film on plastic substrate that had been difficult by available technology in the past.


VCD1300 AD


  • Deposition is performed in the stable vacuum condition as higher vacuum as 10-3Pa
  • It is possible to deposit at low and very low temperature, which realizes multilayer film stuck on plastic substrate (example: IR cut filter)
  • It is also possible to deposit the dense film using bias voltage or migration effect
  • Further advantage is to achieve low electric power consumption (mild to environment) and high throughput comparing with deposition at high temperature

Brief specification of the system

Vacuum chamber
Diameter φ 1,300mm(inside)
Substrate dome
φ1,100mm, driving shaft on axis
Rotation of the dome
Optical thickness monitor
FMP2000VIS(spectrum specification)
Wavelength covers 350nm-1,100nm
Exchange tool for monitor glass:60pcs auto-exchanger
Quartz thickness monitor
XTC-2 (Inficon),6points rotary sensor
Evaporation source
2 EB guns
Ion plating
SPD Ion plating (see below for SPD principle)

Main application

  • Optical films such as AR coating and multilayer stuck films
  • Optical mirror of Aluminum (Al) and Silver (Ag) with high adhesion
  • Electrode film with good electric performance due to high density film

Principle of SPD

Principle of SPD

Optical characteristics

Optical characteristics