Ozone Layer and Regulation of Freon Gas Usage

Environmental Preservation

"NeoCold" RTC Series Carrying HFC Coolant

Refrigerator for vacuum system "NeoCold" RTC Series that ShinMaywa launched on February 2004 shows Ozone-destroy factor of "0". This is the first ultra low temperature refrigerator carrying coolant that does not destroy Ozone in the industry.

Comparison of Ozone destroy factor and earth warmth factor by coolants

Coolant CFC12 HCFC HFC134a
Ozone destroy factor 1.0 0.055 0.0
Earth warmth factor
8,100 1,500 1,300
  • (Note: data accumulated 100years)

In spite of no Ozone destroying, HFC134a influences on earth warmth if the coolant is emitted in atmosphere. It is obligated to recycle and to destroy the coolant by specific contractors.
(Freon Recycle and Destroy Act: April 2002)

Record of Refrigerator Business at ShinMaywa

ShinMaywa has been engaged in ultra low temperature freezer and cooling system long years for captive market such as in vacuum coating system. The sealing technology of gas leakage has been well established, and demonstrated high reliability.

Record of Refrigerator Business at ShinMaywa