3 Chambers Optical Vacuum Coating System

3 Chambers Optical Vacuum Coating System

Main specification

Vacuum chamber Material: SUS 304
Load lock chamber Material: SUS 304
Substrate jig (dome) four types, φ760mm, φ950mm, φ1,100mm, φ1,400mm
Pumping system Oil diffusion pump or cryo pump
Ultra low temperature refrigerator "NeoCold" (option)
Substrate heater Sheath heater
Thickness monitor Optical thin film monitor and Quartz crystal monitor
Evaporation source (2 units) EB gun or Heat resistance
Vacuum gauge(Each tank) Penning gauge + Pirani gauge and Ion gauge (option)
Gas inlet Automatic pressure controller (APC)
Automatic mass flow controller (MFC)

Main performance

Ultimate vacuum 1.3 × 10-4Pa
Pumping speed 1.3 × 10-3Pa within 30minutes
Substrate heater Max. 300 °C, Standard use at300 °C, Distribution at+/-10 °C

Evacuation and deposition operation

  • Full automatic evaporation system by man-machine interface at Windows NT version