Metal Film + Plasma Polymerization

Metal Film + Plasma Polymerization


Load/Unload chamber W 1,250 × D 350 × H 1,200mm
Pre-treatment chamber W 1,400 × D 350 × H 1,200mm
Sputter chamber W 1,400 × D 350 × H 1,200mm
Polymerization chamber W 1,400 × D 350 × H 1,200mm
Holder size W 1,150 × D 280 × H 1,000mm (when substrate loaded)
Food print 7,000 × 16,500mm
Carrying weight Max. 16Kg (including substrates, jig for substrate and 4 poles for jig)
Pre-treatment process Stationary RF glow discharge, vertical at one side
Reflection film deposition Stationary DC sputtering, vertical at one side
Protection film deposition Stationary RF glow discharge, vertical at one side
Pumping system Pre-treatment and sputtering chamber 22" oil diffusion pump
Polymerization chamber 16" oil diffusion pump
Utility Electricity 3 phases, 200V, 330kVA
Cooling water 150 L/min
Process gases Nitrogen, Argon and Oxygen


Ultimate vacuum 10-4Pa range
Pumping speed Loading/Unloading chamber 13,3Pa (0.1Torr) within 25 seconds
Pre-treatment, sputtering, Polymerization chamber 6.7 × 10-4Pa (5 × 10-6Torr) within 2hours
Substrate heater Room temperature - 60 °C (heater temperature)
Process cycle time over 64 seconds
Continuous operation time 1 week
Effective coating area in W 1,060 × D 200 × H 830mm

Pump down and coating operation

  • Hardware is operated by sequencer system, and operation is done through touch panel


  • The system adopts vertical design, which gives smaller foot print and less particle generation
  • Inline arrangement provides the same throughput even additional pre-treatment chamber is installed
  • Operation is easy due to touch panel operation


  • Reflector for automobile headlamp
  • Other lightening parts