CNWX Series

Supply Records

ShinMaywa, the innovation company

We have continued to make advances by further developing the CNW/CNWX series of innovative products with high pass-through capabilities. There has been a significant increase in sales since released in 2006. (Delivery record: over 10,000 units as of December 2015).

Toyota City Example

Sewage lift station for the "City of the Automobile"

Delivered to: Toyota City Office

Toyota City is located in the west of Aichi Prefecture, to the east of Nagoya City. Toyota City, otherwise known as the "City of the Automobile", is a company town of Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota City is actively tackling the problems common to all humankind, including helping to create a low-carbon society. Our CNWX-series high-efficiency, high pass-through submersible pumps are used in the public sewage system of the city to reduce electricity consumption and ensure stable operation.

Pump station

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  • Facility name: Municipal sewage pump station

Delivery record

Type CNW 1001 CNW 801 CNW 651 CNWX 80 CNWX 65
No. of installation 10 32 24 10 8


  • Reduced clogging of foreign matter (Paper diapers, gauze, towels, etc.)
  • Lower electricity consumption (run time)

Valification using CNW-series pumps

Reduce clogging at lift station A

Pump used Vortex Type
Fiscal year 2004 2005 2006 Average
No. of trouble 25 17 23 21.7
Pump used CNW-series pump
Fiscal year 2007 2008 2009 Average
No. of trouble 1 1 2 1.3

Change in electricity consumption(at pump station B)

Retirement Home Lift Station Burlingame, CA, USA

Reduce Clogging Problem