CNWX Series

Supply Records

ShinMaywa, the innovation company

We have continued to make advances through further development of the CNW/CNWX series of innovative products, featuring high pass-through capabilities. There has been a significant increase in sales since the release of the series in 2006. (Sales performance: over 10,000 units delivered as of December 2015).

Toyota City

Sewage pump station for the “Motor City”

Delivered to: Toyota City Office

Toyota City is located almost in the center of Aichi Prefecture, to the east of Nagoya City. Toyota City, otherwise known as “Motor City”, is home to the headquarters of Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota City is actively tackling the problems common to all humankind, including helping to create a low-carbon society. Our CNWX series high-efficiency, high pass-through submersible pumps are used in the public sewage system of the city to reduce electricity consumption and ensure stable operation.

Pump station

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  • Facility name: Municipal Sewage Pump Station


Type CNW 1001 CNW 801 CNW 651 CNWX 80 CNWX 65
No. of installations 10 32 24 10 8


  • Reduced clogging by foreign matter (Paper diapers, gauze, towels, etc.)
  • Lower electricity consumption (run time)

Verification using CNW series pumps

Reduced clogging at pump station A

Pump used Vortex Type
Fiscal year 2004 2005 2006 Average
No. of issues 25 17 23 21.7
Pump used CNW series pump
Fiscal year 2007 2008 2009 Average
No. of issues 1 1 2 1.3

Reduction in electricity consumption(at pump station B)

Retirement Home Pump Station Burlingame, CA, USA

Reduction of Clogging Issues