CNMJ Series New Advanced TechnologyCNMJ Series New Advanced Technology

New Advanced Technology!

Improved passing capability, solid passage up to 3 inches “80mm” in diameter. Semi-open channel impeller has helix, and brand-new chopper mechanism.

CNMJ Technology

CNMJ Brand-New Pumps

Improved Passing Capability

Impeller has a helix formed passage based on CNWX.

Solid Passage up to 3inches “80mm” in diameter

Impeller is much better in solid passage diameter than ever before. 

Simple Design

Impeller is single vane semi-open impeller like CN.

Brand-New Chopper Mechanism

CNMJ is equipped with brand-new chopper mechanism, that advanced than CJ.

Passing Test

[Play Time: 2minutes 10seconds]

Chopper Mechanism

Brand-new chopper mechanism using chopper plate.

CNMJ ★★★
  • Brand-new chopper mechanism
  • Improved wear resistance
CJ ★★ Chopper mechanism
CN Standard type

CNMJ overcome weakness about passing capability of semi-open impeller by the brand-new chopper mechanism.

Improved Performance

Compared with our vortex-type 80mm passable model CVM80, this new product may also cut down on its power consumption for similar performance.

Quick, Easy Maintenance

The vertical mounting design allows for easier and more efficient inspection and part replacement.
The pump unit can be detached without removing the impeller from the motor shaft.

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