Aircraft Business

Playing a key role in the aircraft industry

ShinMaywa's origins as a manufacturer can be found in aircraft production technologies, which date back to the foundation of our former entity Kawanishi Aircraft Company Limited. 
After making a fresh start as Shin Meiwa Industry Company Limited (later renamed as ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.), we have tapped into our manufacturing prowess amassed through aircraft production to develop products that meet the demands of the times in an ever-expanding business field.

The aircraft business remains one of our mainstay businesses, and with our two core categories of "Amphibian (amphibious aircraft)" and "Commercial Aircraft Components," we are playing a key role in the development of the aircraft industry.

Aircraft Division

Konan Plant
Development and production of the amphibians
  • Development and production of "US-2" 
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul of "US-2"  operated by Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Loading system for the C-2 transport aircraft
Production of commercial aircraft components 
  • Main wing spar for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  • Wing-to-body fairings for the Boeing 777/777X
  • Fillet fairings for the Airbus A330neo
  • Flaps, spoilers and slats for the Bombardier G7500 and other components

Takarazuka Plant

Production of commercial aircraft components

Tokushima Plant
Business jet maintenance
Remodeling and maintenance of "U-4" (Multi-purpose Aircraft) and "U-36A" (Fleet Training Support Aircraft) operated by Ministry of Defense
  • Ailerons, flaps and slats for the P-1 maritime patrol aircraft and the C-2 transport aircraft
Harima Plant

Production of metal parts for commercial aircraft

Group Company

ShinMaywa (California), Ltd.

Material Procurement of aircraft-related products

ShinMaywa Iwakuni Aircraft Maintenance, Ltd.

Maintenance of US-2 / U-36A type aircraft and related equipment

Wing Field Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and assembly of aircraft parts, and   manufacturing and sales of aircraft seats