Amphibians around the World

There are three major types of amphibians in the world: US-2 of Japan, CL-415 of Canada, Be-200 of Russia. Although they vary in size and features, a comparison of their performance will reveal the US-2’s superiority.

Russia Be-200 Japan US-2 Canada CL-215/415

US-2 (ShinMaywa Industries)

Full length 33.3m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 47.7t
Cruising Distance Over 4,700km
  • Landing possible even in high waves with a wave height of 3 meters
  • Short-distance takeoff and landing (water) possible
Operational Purpose/Performance
  • Maritime rescue
  • Transporting emergency patients from remote islands

CL-415 (Bombardier)

Full length 19.8m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 19.9t
Cruising Distance 2,426km
  • Small size
  • Has a track record of actual operation overseas
Operational Purpose/Performance
  • Fire department
  • Search and rescue
  • Surveillance etc.

Be-200 (Beriev)

  • * “Be-200” photo provided by Bunrindo Co., Ltd.
Full length 31.4m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 41.0t
Cruising Distance 3,300km
  • Equipped with jet engine
  • Cruising altitude approximately 8,000 meters
Operational Purpose/Performance
  • Fire department
  • Search and rescue
  • transportation etc.

Comparison of main specifications

Dimensions & Performances US-2
(ShinMaywa Industries)
Propulsion system 4 propeller twin propeller twin jet
Full length 33.3m 19.8m 31.4m
Full Width 33.2m 28.6m 32.8m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 47.7t 19.9t 41.0t
Cruising Distance Over 4,700km 2,426km 3,300km
Cruising Altitude Over 9,000m 3,048m 7,986m
Cruising speed 480km/h 278km/h 560km/h
Separation Distance 280m 808m 1,000m
Landing Distance 330m 665m 1,300m
Possible Wave Height for Landing 3m 1.8m 1.2m

(Source: Jane yearbook)