Performance of the State-of-the-Art US-2

The development of the US-2 took eight years to complete. Below are some outstanding performance features.

US-2 Specifications

Overall width 33.2m
Total height 9.8m
Total length 33.3m
Dimensions & Performances Specifications
Full length 33.3m
Full Width 33.2m
Overall Height 9.8m
Engine Rolls-Royce AE2100J x 4
Propeller Dowty R414
Maximum Takeoff Weight/Distance 47.7t/490m
Maximum Landing Weight/Distance 47.7t / 1,500m
Maximum Lift off Weight/Distance 43.0t/280m
Maximum Landing Weight/Distance 43.0t/330m
Cruising Distance Over 4,700km
Cruising Altitude 6,100m or more
Cruising speed 480km/h or more
Maximum Speed 580km/h or more

Takeoff / Landing at Extremely Low Speeds

The world's only amphibian equipped with a BLC (Boundary Layer Control) powered high-lift device, the US-2 can cruise at extremely low speeds (approx. 90 km/h) and take off and land on water within a very short distance.

Outstanding Seaworthiness

ShinMaywa's original spray suppressor and spray strip realize excellent seaworthiness, thereby preventing damage to airframes when landing on water. Together with its capability to cruise at extremely low speeds, the US-2 can take off and land on water with waves up to three meters high.

  1. 1 groove type wave canceling device
    With and without groove-type wave canceling device
  2. 2 spray strips
    Without and with spray strips