Air Spindle

SPM30C (Crash-proof) Type

Industry-leading low-NRRO models with high-precision slotless motor and crash-proof structure

SPM30C  Type


  • Slotless motor
  • Crash-proof structure
  • NRRO of 2nm or less at speeds of 20,000 r/min and lower (measured according to ShinMaywa standards)
  • Reduced unbalance (not exceeding 0.05 gmm) for minimum vibration at high speeds


SPM30C Type Dimensions


Type SPM30C
Air supply pressure 0.5MPa(G)
Maximum rotation speed 20,000r/min
Rotation speed change*1 0.002 % and below (Encoder Z phase jitter)
Non-repeatable run-out
(NRRO) accuracy
Radial 0.003μm (0.118μinch) and below
Axial 0.003μm (0.118μinch) and below
Repeatable run-out
(TIR) accuracy
Radial 1μm (39.4μinch) and below
Axial 1μm (39.4μinch) and below
Rigidity Radial 12N/μm (0.068lb/μinch) and above
Axial 30N/μm (0.175lb/μinch) and above
Load capacity Radial 30N (6.74lb) and above
Axial 90N (20.2lb) and above
Air mass consumption 6Nl/min (0.21scfm) and below
Motor capacity 60W at 20,000 r/min
Cleanness Class 10 (0.1μm)
Unbalance force 0.08gmm and below
Mass 2.7Kg (5.95lb)
  • Achieved when the air spindle is used with ShinMaywa's non-switching driver NS20-A.
  • Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
NRRO(Radial Direction)
TIR(Radial Direction)

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