Frameless Motor

This hollow shaft motor allows the design to be tailored to the application.

Frameless Motor

ShinMaywa 's frameless motors (rotors and stators that can be built-in) are developed using the latest technology to meet "true needs." We have a delivery system that can fully respond to requests for detailed specifications depending on the purpose of use. Frameless motors can be selected from 10 types with outer diameters from 30 mm to 570 mm, core thicknesses from 6 mm to 10 types, and 16 types of winding patterns, making it possible to manufacture more than 60 types of motors. Additionally, rotor/stator molding and rotor/stator skew processing are possible depending on the application. ShinMaywa 's frameless motor supports flexible mechanical design.

  • Frameless structure offers excelient design flexibility of hollow shaft motors.
  • The large inner diameter of the rotor ensures efficient use of the center section and saves space.
  • For a direct drive application, the vibration and changes in rotation speed caused by backlash, lost motion, friction torque, transfer torque ripple, insufficient rigidity, etc. are greatly reduced compared with the conventional drive system using a reduction unit.
  • No deterioration with age such as wear, and the small number of parts facilitates inspection and maintenance.

Housed motor

We also respond to requests for housed motors incorporating frameless motors. Depending on the required shape and rotation speed, we can handle everything from selecting an encoder with an appropriate shape to custom designing a rotor shape. We also handle drivers from high-end to low-end depending on the required specifications. In addition to spindles that use air bearings from various companies, we can also integrate motor rotors and rotating shafts, and custom-order stator cases.

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