BUILT-IN DD series allows for highly flexible design

ShinMaywa 's BUILT-IN DD series, which allows for a high degree of design freedom, proposes a variety of applications. By integrating the drive shaft and rotor and simplifying the mechanism, it is possible to make it more compact, giving the device a high degree of freedom and allowing for appropriate design.
The BUILT-IN DD series has excellent performance, has a large torque per weight ratio, and achieves cogging torque and low torque ripple that are an order of magnitude smaller than other motors (including DD motors). It can secure high-speed rotation range that cannot be achieved with inductor type DD motors.

  • Compared to drive systems using conventional reducers, it can reduce backlash, lost motion, friction torque, transmitted torque, ripples in transmitted torque, and vibration and uneven rotation caused by insufficient rigidity.
  • Not only is there no change over time such as wear, but the number of parts is reduced, making maintenance and inspection easier.

Our theme is to respond to "true needs."

Currently, most DD motors on the market are supplied for the convenience of the manufacturers rather than the needs of the users. This has the advantage of being available at a low price. On the other hand, it seems that they are often unable to meet requests for detailed specifications depending on the purpose of use.

ShinMaywa proposes a new type of "DD motor" to eliminate these dissatisfaction. ShinMaywa 's AC servo motor "BUILT-IN DD series" is a synchronous motor type (brushless DC motor type) DD motor that was developed for direct drive robots. The "BUILT-IN DD series" has models that can accommodate a variety of special specifications, and provides technical support for companies taking on new challenges.

Product Category

  • Direct drive: Suitable for high response and high precision
  • Brushless DC method: Suitable for low torque ripple and large torque from low speed to high speed.
  • Built-in method: realizes an integrated structure
  • We also support small lot production starting from 1 piece.
ShinMaywa BUILT-IN DD Motor series

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