Product Information

Air Spindle

ShinMaywa has achieved low NRRO (Non-Repeatable Run-Out) with the AIR SPINDLE, setting a new quality standard for the industry.

Air Spindle

ShinMaywa, a direct drive motor manufacturer, by fusing a state-of-the-art technology with a highly accurate processing technology, has developed a compact, highly rigid, high-precision AIR SPINDLE, creating an industry-leading product.

ShinMaywa' s AIR SPINDLE can be used as a motion control key component incorporated into HDD (Hard Disk Drive) media/head testing and certifying devices, wafer testing devices and DVD manufacturing systems.

  • The compact design of ShinMaywa' s AIR SPINDLE was made possible by building in a direct drive motor and an encoder.
  • Employing a high-precision, static pressure air bearing achieves low NRRO, low friction loss and low heating.
  • ShinMaywa's AIR SPINDLE has a complete non-contact structure. Accordingly, it can maintain accuracy semipermanently through the intake of clean dry air.


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