Major dimensions (without Hall-effect sensor, without Temperature sensor)

Major dimensions
BSL04-21 BSL06-21
Core dimension A (mm) 32 30
Outside diameter φB (mm) 42 60
Overall length C (mm) 56 54
Coil outside diameter φD (mm) 36/38 56
Hollow diameter φE (mm) 6*2 18
  • The slanted line part is the mounting portion of the connections and sensors.
  • For BSL04-21, if the Hall effect sensors are necessary, the hollow shaft cannot be selected.


BSL04-21 BSL06-21
Number of poles 4 4
Max.rotation speed N [r/min] 80,000 50,000
Rated Max.torque T [N·m] 0.036 0.09
Motor constant KM [N·m/√W] 0.013 0.043
Torque constant Kt [N·m/A] 0.013 0.030

Running torque curve

Running torque curve
Running torque curve


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