Amphibians around the World

There are three major types of amphibians in the world: US-2 of Japan, CL-415 of Canada, Be-200 of Russia. Although they vary in size and features, a comparison of their performance will reveal the US-2’s superiority.

Major Specifications Comparison

US-2 (ShinMaywa)

Length Overall 33.3m
Max Take-off Weight 47.7t
Range over 4,700km
  • Ability to land on water with wave height of 3 m
  • Short distance for takeoff and landing on water
  • Air-sea rescue
  • Transport of emergency patients from remote islands

CL-415 (Bombardier)

Length Overall 19.8m
Max Take-off Weight 19.9t
Range 2,426km
  • Small size
  • Deployment overseas
  • Firefighting
  • Search and rescue
  • Surveillance, etc.

Be-200 (Beriev)

  • Be-200 photos courtesy of Bunrindo Co., Ltd.
Length Overall 31.4m
Max Take-off Weight 41.0t
Range 3,300km
  • Equipped with jet engines
  • Cruising altitude of approx. 8,000 m
  • Firefighting
  • Search and rescue
  • Transport, etc.

Major Specifications Comparison

Dimensions & Performances US-2
Power Plant Four-turboprop Twin-turboprop Twin-turbofan
Length 33.3m 19.8m 31.4m
Wing Span 33.2m 28.6m 32.8m
Max Take-Off Weight 47.7t 19.9t 41.0t
Range over 4,700km 2,426km 3,300km
Cruise Altitude over 9,000m 3,048m 7,986m
Cruise Speed 480km/h 278km/h 560km/h
Take-Off Distance
(on water)
280m 808m 1,000m
Landing Distance
(on water)
330m 665m 1,300m
Wave Height up to 3m up to 1.8m up to 1.2m

Source: Jane's encyclopedia of Aviation