Rescue Operations

Capable of taking off and landing on the ocean, the US-2 can quickly reach remote islands without an airport or sites of maritime accidents, efficiently transporting the wounded and urgent patients in emergencies.

Simulated Rescue Operation by an Amphibian

Flow of rescue operations at sea or a remote island

1.Takeoff from Maritime Self-Defense Force's base 2.Arrival at destination 3.Landing on water 4.Rescue operations 5.Takeoff from water 6.Landing at nearby airport 7.Transport to hospital

JMSDF's Rescue Operation

As a part of the JMSDF' rescue operations, US-1, US-1A, and US-2 has saved and transported the wounded and urgent patients at sea and remote islands, thereby saving many precious lives.

  • US-2's action radius expanded to 1,900km
  • US-1A's(previous model) action radius was 1,500km(For 2-hour-long searches)

Rescue Operation by US-1/US-1A/US-2

Number of missions flown Over 1,000
Number of people rescued Over 1,000

The actual rescue operation by JMSDF
(Film courtesy of Japan's Ministry of Defense)
[Play Time: 3minutes 08seconds]