Infinite Possibilities of the US-2

Multipurpose Amphibians

In addition to the current principal service of transporting urgent patients from remote islands, the US-2 offers a wide variety of applications that serve to implement the basic plan laid out in the Basic Act on Ocean Policy, including providing remote islands with healthcare support, transporting relief supplies, and preservation of national land.

Healthcare Support for Remote Islands

Quickly offering healthcare support to remote islands that cannot be covered by ships and helicopters

Rescuing urgent patients

Transport of Emergency Relief Supplies

In the case of a disaster, the US-2 transports personnel, relief supplies, etc. to areas that cannot be accessed by land. Should the airport be damaged, the US-2 can land on a nearby sea, lake, river, etc.

Transporting personnel and relief supplies

Preserving the Land of Islands Far Removed from the Mainland

The US-2 boasts a long flight range of approx. 4,500 km, making it possible to perform prompt conservation (shore protection work, etc.) of islands far from the mainland, such as Okinotori Island.


Time required traveling between Tokyo and Okinotori island

  • Ship: approx. 2days (one way)
  • US-2: approx. 4 hours (one way)